Our Cognac events


Fine Cognac Tasting, Fine Food pairing, a truly unique Experience!


We offer exquisite, upscale soirees of Cognac tasting and food pairing in a luxurious resort setting. Our events focus on cognac tasting, education about cognac, its history and its making. We also make sure that our guests are taken through a personalized and interactive journey through history, storytelling, business facts, and the geography of the very picturesque region of Cognac, France.


Cognac and Appetizers! Cognac and Desserts! Cognac and Cheeses! Cognac and Chocolate! You name it!

Lots of FUN!

Where there is Cognac, there is FUN, CHEER, CLASS, and the JOIE de VIVRE!

Cognac Names: Big & Small!

Everybody knows Hennessy! But there are tons of other great Cognacs that we will have you taste and get to know and appreciate!

In-depth Exploration!

Everything Cognac! News, Market, Consumption and Consumers, Geography, Culture, French, Fun Facts and Stories!!